Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tiffany Ridge Elementary Project

In the fall of 2011, Washington Roofing and Insulation (WRI) began work on Tiffany Ridge Elementary school in Kansas City, Missouri. WRI was contracted to provide the air barrier for the building and worked with Universal Construction out of Lenexa, Kansas, and D&D Masonry from Kansas City, Missouri. 
Moriah Carpenter, Air Barrier Estimator for WRI, said that the LEED project was an outstanding addition to the Park Hill School District.
"We were proud and honored to be a part of this BASF Walltite Air Barrier project," Moriah said."It  all came together really quickly."
Southwest elevation during spray foam process.

Brick ledge by brick mason.
Completed building.

Front of completed building.
Moriah said that the mild winter in the area allowed them to complete most of the project in the early Spring.
"We enjoyed meeting the challenges this project brought to us due to several different exterior finishes that were used," she said. "We look forward to watching as they open their doors this fall."
The ribbon cutting for the Tiffany Ridge Elementary School is scheduled for late June 2012. The district plans to be open for the 2012-2013 school year.
Photos copyright of Washington Roofing and Insulation 2012.

Friday, June 1, 2012

We Will Come Back

When we consult with people on their roofing problems and discuss specific solutions, the biggest question we are asked, with no doubt, is:
"Will you come back?"

In every industry there are those unethical contractors who either take off with the money and don't return or finish the job but are never available for questions or to solve problems. In many cases with talking to potential clients, we have to convince them that Washington Roofing and Insulation will service them on a continual basis.

With clients located across the midwest we do a lot of driving . . . but we are prepared for that. In fact, we have evened opened up a new branch of Washington Roofing and Insulation in Claremore, Oklahoma, which has provided our Oklahoma and Texas clients with a faster response time. It is ran by a gentleman named Chuck Grubbs (we will talk about this further in a later post.)

Since 1978 we have met the challenge of  scheduling, service calls and client emergencies. We keep three and four crews busy at all times and are dedicated to superior service and bend over backwards to keep customers satisfied.

Bottom line? We will be there when you need us. We will come back.