Thursday, September 1, 2011

New LEED Pilot Credits

Yesterday, the U.S. Green Building Council added nine additional Pilot Credits to their LEED Pilot Credit Library. These include:

  • Pilot Credit 44: EQ - Ergonomics Strategy
  • Pilot Credit 45: SS - Site Assessment
  • Pilot Credit 46: EA - HVAC Commissioning
  • Pilot Credit 47: EQ - Acoustic Comfort
  • Pilot Credit 48: IP - Discovery - Analysis to Support Integrative Process
  • Pilot Credit 49 : IP - Implementing Synergies
  • Pilot Credit 52: MR - Environmentally Preferable Non-Structural Products and Materials - Prescriptive Attributes
  • Pilot Credit 53: MR - Responsible Sourcing of Raw Material and
  • Pilot Credit 54: MR - Avoidance of Chemicals of Concern in Building Materials. 
LEED is a rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council in March 2000 for buildings that are "designed, constructed and operated for improved environmental and human health performance."

From homes to commercial buildings, LEED credits can be obtained by following specific guidelines for new construction or renovation, schools, retail, core & shell, commercial interiors, operations & maintenance and neighborhood development. 

Complying with LEED standards is completely voluntary, but has been proven to benefit owners with cost-effective solutions that result from green building. To read case studies, profiles, research and resources on green building, visit the U.S. Green Building Council website.

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