Monday, May 7, 2012

Retail Box Store Has Leaky Roof

(Warning, this blog post will be more opinionated than normal.)

As a professional roofing contractor working across the Midwest in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Iowa, we work hard to keep these blog posts fairly neutral in nature and try to present material in a professional manner -- leaving the opinions up to the reader.

But not this time. This time will be personal and a bit more opinionated . . . apologies in advance if anyone is offended.

On my day "away from the office" I was making the required "errand" rounds throughout the Kansas City metro which required me to stop off at one of the larger retail chains in the area. It was Sunday, and the rain decided to follow me around the area to let me know that I may want to come back in another life as a duck.

As I entered the establishment and started to shop, I noticed buckets scattered throughout in various isles of the store. Upon further inspection (and inspect, I did) it was obvious they were "catching drips" buckets. Their roof was leaking . . . and it was leaking everywhere.

Not only was this an inconvenience to employees and shoppers, but it also sent off a huge warning signal. Is upper management so unorganized that they cannot prepare for roof maintenance issues? Does the company not have the funds available? Are they using "cheap" subcontractors for quantity, not quality products and craftsmanship? Talk about a liability situation . . . throw some buckets and moisture on the floors with people pushing shopping carts around and cross your fingers. How can such a huge corporation with chains throughout most of the United States allow such a disaster?

Perhaps my concern is due, in part, to the fact that I am part of the roofing industry and I know how important it is to maintain your roof, especially in the commercial arena. Or perhaps my concern is due to the fact I am a consumer, a parent and a resident of the area. Whichever way, I ponder what the next "storm" will bring for that particular facility.


  1. Your concern is deeply appreciated, my friend. I admire you for that. They’ll not leave the roof leaking for the sake of cutting costs, that’s for sure. They might not have even informed of the problem yet, but I’m quite sure they’ll get it fixed as soon as possible.

    Santo Caridine

  2. That was a very wise thing to say, Santo. I’m sure that the store would immediately address the problem once they’ve learned about it. They might just have genuinely overlooked that infrastructure trouble among all their business concerns. They wouldn’t let something like a leaky roof ruin their reputation. Let’s just wait for a little while. :)

    Cody Charlebois

  3. You have a point. It is imperative for homeowners to always inspect their roofs. What more for retail stores that need to have a good reputation and image for their customers, right? Regular roof maintenance can prevent damage and make the roof last longer. I hope that retail store learns their lesson before their roof incurs further damage.

    Mary Martin

  4. Exactly, Mary! Regular roof checkups and maintenance are crucial for both residential and commercial establishments. Looking at the gutters and shingles are important because these are the key parts of a roof. Checking if the gutters have debris or leaves and if a shingle is loose already could prevent severe damage.

    Norbert Floth

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  7. I hope that, by this time, the establishment had already fixed their roofing problems. It’s not good for any commercial establishment to have dripping water in their premises. For one, the leak may dampen their supplies and damage those. Another thing is that it will reflect poorly on the part of the establishment, particularly their customer service.

    Eugene Head