Friday, January 27, 2012

Give Your HVAC Unit a Break

How much money do you spend a year on your heating a cooling for your building? Commercial energy consumption has always been high but heating and cooling can be a bill you dread receiving. Much of the costs associated with these inflated numbers are due to air leaks in your building.

Many companies now are looking into air barrier systems for their building, which is also considered a "building envelope." The building's six sides are wrapped in layers comprised by a number of different materials which helps prevent air leakage and the diffusion of air caused by wind and other sources. It assists in keeping the warm air in during the colder months and the cool air in during the warmer months. It can also help with the prevention of mold and other pollutants that can be potentially harmful to people within the structure.

Application of the Walltite foam air barrier system at
the University of Missouri School, Columbia, Missouri.

Air barrier system envelope protects entire building.

The Department of Energy says that air leakage can increase energy costs by up to 40% in colder climates and 15% in cooling costs. A good air barrier system can reduce these costs. In fact, since mechanical engineers design the HVAC units in buildings around air leakage, many times they are able to use smaller units when a building has a good air barrier system in place.

So give your HVAC unit a break and look into air barrier systems for your next building design or renovation. It will help your pocketbook, as well.

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