Friday, January 6, 2012

Roofs Needing Repair Don't Worry About 2012 Trends

The Dodge Report forecasting 2012 construction trends says that this year will be similar to 2011 as both residential and commercial markets sporadically jump around the grid. As commercial roofing contractors who have watched the industry ebb and flow for over 35 years we understand that trends are important to watch but do not necessarily indicate the success of a company. One thing will remain the same with us: when your building's roof needs fix, you need a trust-worthy, experienced roofing professional to fix it. Simple as that.

Roofing renovation does not have to be a ghastly project to complete. There does not have to be the big tear-off expense and noise disruption. There does not  have to be the smell of tar and the headache of  employees stepping around debris trying to get in the door.

Washington Roofing has several solutions for roofing repair or new construction roofing projects. One is with fluid applied, elastomeric coating systems. These systems are sustainable, seamless and are engineered for toughness and durability.

The other roofing system Washington Roofing offers is the Spray Polyurethane Foam system, which is sprayed on foam insulation giving your building seamless, lightweight insulation with a high "R" value. This system can be used on both new roofs and roof repairs, and is perfect for unusual-shaped buildings.

Personal meetings and professional consultation is one of the most important benefits we can offer you during your research and budgeting process. It is our job to make sure you understand your options and are satisfied with the end result.


  1. I want noise disruption free contractors for my roof repair..

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  2. I agree that 2012 will be same like 2011 as economy is consistently going down so homeowners will be more careful to find out the contractor for the repairing. Roof repair is the most costly part in terms of decorating the home.roof repair northern virginia

  3. True, searching for a reputable roof professional is stressful but it surely pays. Doing a thorough research online can do so many wonders! There are affordable roofing companies which can repair a roof with high quality work. Don’t compromise your families’ or employees’ safety. Choose a licensed roofing company with a reputable background in this field.

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  4. Yeah, 2011 saw a couple of downfalls in the roofing industry due to the effects of the recession. However, projections for this year indicate a big shift from the industry’s previous state. As many people are now into eco-friendly designs, green roofs can be the roofing industry’s cup of tea. Also, other conventional designs and materials (e.g. shingles, roof tiles, clay made, metal roofings, etc.) are still marketable, since these are the basic foundations of house roofing. The booming “smog-eating” shingle is also going to make a mark in the industry, since it offers ecological benefits in the form of a conventional design.Kip Whitehead

  5. Looking for a trustworthy and knowledgeable roofing specialist might be difficult for some. There are certain changes in the type of roofing materials that most homeowners are looking for, so it may be hard to look for a roofer that knows which type of material is best for your house, but if you do manage to find one, well, you can guarantee that your roof is in good hands.

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  6. Well, in my case, I didn’t find it difficult to look for a roofing professional. The one I hired is recommended by a close friend. And he really did a great job in fixing our roof! He gave me the best results without going over my budget. What I like most is that he shared some roof damage and repair ideas. Plus, he provided me with great advice on how I should maintain my roof.

    Kermit Lukacs

  7. @ Kermit, It will be a lot easier for everyone if they also have a friend who can recommend someone who can fix their roof, right? Haha! Well, with mine, I certainly look for a roof contractor who is insured. In that way, I can be sure that they carry the general liability and compensations should anything happen.

    Neil Hirsh

  8. Recommendation do have an edge here. It is more assuring if you know that the person you hire to do the repair has a good reputation as being recommended by others.
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