Thursday, September 13, 2012

An Energy Conservation Idea for Building Owners

We have always been interested in energy conservation, which is one of the things that got us started with Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing in the first place over 35 years ago. Though out the years we were naturally led to maximizing an owner's investment through quality products and installation for the entire building "envelope," which then started to include Polyurethane Foam Air Barrier and Fluid Applied Air Barrier services.

For building owners and our clients it all boils down to this: decreasing your energy consumption and increase profits while protecting the health of the occupants.

As there are many ways for to accomplish this, we found an article interesting in the Commercial Construction & Renovation July/August 2012 issue which talked about ways to reduce building HVAC costs with site-recovered energy by using Energy Recovery Wheel Technology, or Enthalpy Wheels.

According to the article, enthalpy wheels "transfer energy by rotating between outdoor air and exhaust air streams to transfer heat and moisture from one airstream to another." It retrieves the wasted energy in building exhaust air and recycles it and allows the building to increase outdoor air levels without making your HVAC unit work harder.

It also helps enable building owners to participate in energy programs. Energy recovery wheels are available from most HVAC OEMs and distributors.


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