Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Results are In for the Alpha Roofing Rating System

The results of the Arizona State University Alpha Roofing Rating System were recently posted, and Washington Roofing & Insulation (WRI) is proud to announce we again received a high 9.8 rating as set by the Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG). The maximum rating is a 10.

During the process of renewal for the rating, the PGSRG (a third-party research organization) surveyed our client base and conducted comprehensive field tests over 1,427,600 square feet of WRI installed commercial roofs. Ratings were based upon roofing leaks, customer satisfaction with product and customer satisfaction with contractor. All respondents said they were 100% satisfied with the process. The oldest roof surveyed was 28 years old.

There are only 14 roofing contractors in the United States that participate in this study and WRI received the highest rating given this year.

You can view the latest report by going to the PBSRG website and downloading the pdf file here.

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