Monday, November 26, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Meets Closed Cell Spray Foam

Hurricane Sandy is big talk in the construction industry. All phases of construction, residential and commercial; structural and cosmetic will be implemented and go on over the next several years in the Northeast because of her fury., the largest media channel in the world exclusively dedicated to the global spray foam industry, conducted interviews with roofing contractors in the New York and New Jersey areas to see how the spray foam industry is being affected. It turns out that consumers are asking more and more questions about closed-cell foam and how they can get it.

FEMA classifies closed-cell spray foam as the only acceptable flood damage resistant insulation material for floors, walls, and ceilings in its building design criteria for special flood hazard areas. It has the potential to be dried and cleaned following a flood, and increases the strength of structural framing.

People who had closed cell foam insulation previously installed before the storm have reported outstanding results against the winds and other forces. In fact, one home-owner spoke of a tree which fell down during the storm and just "bounced" off newly-sprayed closed cell foam roof. The house was 100 feet off of the Bay. 

Moriah Carpenter, Estimator at Washington Roofing & Insulation, said that people are really starting to open up their eyes to closed-cell spray foam.

"It evolved from the east coast, and we're definitely seeing an increase here in the Midwest. It is real big in St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri, and more inquiries are being made from the Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas areas," she said.

According to the article, "Spray foam is gaining greater recognition for its ability not only to provide better energy efficiency and comfort, but also to give homeowners and business owners piece of mind when it comes to safety and protection as our volatile weather patterns continue."

"We've always used closed-cell spray foam in our commercial applications. It's exciting to watch the wave as people start becoming more aware of its benefits," Moriah said.



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