Thursday, November 1, 2012

Midwest Commercial Roofing Company Named after Town in Kansas

When you start a business, one of the first things people ask you is, "How did you come up with the name?" We get asked that a lot, especially now, where the name doesn't correspond to anything people can put their finger on immediately.

Washington Roofing & Insulation, part of Washington Companies, Inc., is not named after the state, nor a famous person like George or Denzel, and it doesn't represent our political affiliations in any way.

It was named because Chuck Carpenter, owner, started the company 35 years ago in the small town of Washington, Kansas. Located in north-central Kansas off of Hwy 56, Washington is 20 minutes south of the Nebraska line and 50 miles north of Manhattan. It is home to around 1100 people.

Now our main office is located in Great Bend, Kansas with offices in Claremore, Oklahoma and Kansas City. We provide commercial roofing solutions with SPF foam roofing, elastomeric roof coatings and total building insulation with air barrier systems and products. We service the entire midwest, from Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas, and have installed millions of square feet of roofing.

So people do squint their eyes at us and ponder how we got our name, and it makes us smile. In the end it never matters, because no matter which political party you belong to, the bottom line is that when we're finished, your roof won't leak.  



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  3. Now, does this town feel very special that they get to represent a roofing company? I'd feel honored if the same thing happened to my little town in Calgary. That would be pretty special.

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  6. . Located in north-central Kansas off of Hwy 56, Washington is 20 minutes south of the Nebraska line and 50 miles north of Manhattan. It is home to around 1100 people.
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