Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flint Hills Discovery Center Project Complete

The Flint Hills Discovery Center project is complete.
We are proud to pass along the announcement that the grand opening for the Flint Hills Discovery Center in Manhattan, Kansas is right on schedule for this April. The Center broke ground in July 2010 with a mission to "celebrate, explore and care for the flint hills."

Back in November we had posted how Washington Roofing and Insulation (WRI) was working with Split Rock Studios out of Minneapolis to create a cave at the center for people to walk into and see exhibits. This was done by spraying polyurethane foam inside the structure and then the creative people at Split Rock made the "cave like" appearance by cutting into the foam and adding the vines. WRI finished the project by spraying polyurethane foam inside the walls of the cave and then using Flame Seal TB on top of the foam to create the thermal barrier needed to meet fire requirements. WRI also sprayed foam on the walls of the center.

Inside the cave during construction.
Moriah Carpenter, project estimator for the company, said that this was one of the more unique projects WRI had ever done.

"What is done behind the scenes makes a big difference," she said. "It will really help them with their energy efficiency. It was exciting to be a part of it and watch it all come together."

The Center is hosting a Contractor's Grand Opening on April 7th and then will be open to the general public shortly after that. 

"McCownGorden worked hard to get this open on time," Moriah said. "They did a fantastic job."

Inside the cave with exhibits.

Another shot of the cave's interior with exhibits.

Note: Photos compliments of the Flint Hills Discovery Center construction page

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