Monday, March 12, 2012

Jammin' With Jam-Ex

It is usually the little things that companies do that build their reputation. One of the ways we go that extra mile is utilize products during installations that may not seem like a big deal, but provide a quality, long-lasting end result.

One of those products is called Jam-Ex. Is is a simple thermoplastic piece used to extend jambs, heads and sills of windows, curtainwalls and doors in exterior walls of buildings for air and vapor barrier systems.

We use them around windows sills to maintain an even spray flow across the entire area. No matter how well trained you are, installers will tamper the flow as they near an opening, causing a thinner air barrier around the windows and doors. Jam-Ex prevents this tapering. It also helps prevent wood warping since it is fabricated from a custom blend of resin modified, UV resistant thermoplastic.

It is not exciting, sexy or expensive. It doesn't shake hands, kiss babies or run for president. It is just a little something extra that helps provide a higher quality product and service for our customers.

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