Thursday, March 29, 2012

Severe Weather Awareness

We think spring has been beautiful this year. The trees and tulips are blooming with full, fragrant blossoms, the bees are buzzing, the grass needs mowing (again) and the record breaking warm days are quite refreshing coming out of winter.

These warm days also bring spring storms which will produce high winds and large hail. Keeping up with the weather in the Midwest can be quite challenging, since sometimes you hear thunder and see lighting and still be standing in complete sunshine. But there are several ways to keep updated on severe weather these days, especially with apps you can download on mobile phones and other web enabled devices. Here are a couple of ideas to keep you aware of weather in your area:

1. Check your local television station and download their weather app or subscribe to their feed
2. Go online to and check out their live model or connect with them through social media
3. Google a list of "Weather Apps" and select one that fits your phone
4. Look into Radio Apps for your phone to tune you into stations that will keep you updated during the storms

No matter how prepared you are, however, there is not much you can do to protect your roof. If damage is done, please feel free to contact us for consultation on the best way to repair it. We will visit you onsite, prepare a written estimate and, if needed, work directly with your insurance company.


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  5. Thanks for the heads up on roofing, especially in regards to the weather. That has always been my biggest concern, what to do if the weather all of the sudden acts up.